Apr 25, 2024

How Wolt Strengthened Their Selection Insights with dataplor

Case Studies

Wolt’s Geospatial Evolution with dataplor

Wolt, a leading food delivery and technology company spanning 27 countries, initiated a transformative journey to enhance its market presence and identify untapped areas of opportunity. This case study explores why Wolt chose to partner with dataplor over other providers, the problems they sought to solve, and the remarkable accomplishments they’ve achieved through this partnership. Additionally, we delve into their future plans for innovation with dataplor.

Why dataplor?

Wolt’s decision to partner with dataplor was driven by their commitment to data coverage. They prioritized crucial factors such as the breadth of coverage, data accuracy, attributes and most importantly, data quality. dataplor surfaced as the top selection due to its ability to capture a vast number of Points of Interest (POIs) accurately and comprehensively. Wolt underwent an extensive evaluation process, exploring various data vendors. However, dataplor’s unmatched coverage and quality positioned it as the undeniable winner.

The Problems to Solve

Wolt aimed to leverage the data to enhance its market understanding and improve internal operations. They sought to evaluate data beyond their existing data sources to gain a more comprehensive view of merchants across various sectors, not just limited to restaurants. With dataplor, Wolt could address market gaps and identify untapped opportunities more effectively.

How Wolt Uses the Data Internally

Internally, Wolt extensively utilizes dataplor’s data to strengthen its competitive positioning and identify new opportunities. They integrate this data into their internal systems, serving it to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms and ingesting it into various geospatial platforms. Wolt emphasizes the importance of data quality, recognizing it as the foundation for their operations. Centralizing processes enables Wolt to allocate resources efficiently, prioritize leads based on internal valuation, and enhance the accuracy of their predictive models.

Achievements with dataplor Data

Wolt’s collaboration with dataplor has yielded significant achievements. By leveraging dataplor’s comprehensive POI data, Wolt has improved its ability to serve customers and accelerate its growth in various markets. The integration of dataplor’s data has expanded Wolt’s market by nearly 40% in certain markets surpassing their initial projections. Wolt now possesses a more accurate and detailed understanding of merchants within their countries, enabling them to make informed decisions and capitalize on market opportunities effectively.

Background of Wolt’s Geospatial Focus

Leading Wolt’s geospatial initiatives, Sharat Ramamani brings a diverse background in strategy and analytics to the table. His journey into the geospatial realm began at Doordash, where he focused on new country expansion and selection. Following Doordash’s acquisition of Wolt, Sharat shifted his focus primarily to Wolt’s selection strategy across their 25 markets. Despite the challenges of navigating the early geospatial SaaS landscape and the initial learning curve, Sharat found the transition fruitful. Leveraging geospatial data has accelerated Wolt’s decision-making processes and accelerated their time to market.

Wolt’s strategic partnership with dataplor has transformed its approach to market development and expansion. By prioritizing data quality, accuracy, and innovation, Wolt is poised to continue its trajectory of growth and success, leveraging dataplor’s invaluable contributions to drive informed decision-making and capitalize on market opportunities effectively.

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