Leverage the Power of Point of Interest (POI) Data

Understanding the competitive environment is a challenge for any business, and it becomes even more difficult on an international scale, where high-quality data is scarce. Global market trends and competitive intelligence helps identify opportunities and potential threats to your business. By understanding the nuances of the international landscape, companies can stay ahead of the competition and successfully navigate the complexities of growing your business abroad.

Upgraded Competitive Intelligence

dataplor data provides a revolutionary approach to understanding growth, reach, visibility, and market presence for organizations worldwide. By meticulously gathering and analyzing billions of data points, we provide unparalleled insights into the locations and assets of your direct and indirect competitors. Our globally scaled POI data goes beyond geospatial analytics, incorporating KPIs like Brands and Chains and Open/Close Dates on a global scale.


Gain Insights into Your Competitors

dataplor’s POI data provides insights into the market landscape by allowing you to understand where major competitors are building physical assets and how they are positioning themselves in different regions.


Identify Untapped Market Opportunities

dataplor’s comprehensive location data supports invaluable insights to identify untapped market opportunities. Analyze location-based competitor data from multiple angles–including brand saturation and growth–to gain an in-depth understanding of your competitors’ assets and operations. By taking a geospatial approach to competitive positioning, you get a full picture of the current market and can quickly identify potential growth opportunities.


See Changes in Your Competitor’s Growth

By closely monitoring the expansion and business strategy of your competitors, you can gain valuable insights into their growth patterns and identify areas of contraction. Armed with this information, you can make informed and strategic decisions regarding your market entry and pinpoint the most advantageous locations to target. Stay one step ahead by leveraging this competitive intelligence to shape your market strategy with precision and confidence.

dataplor provides you with the competitor insight you need to capture more market share.

Gain a competitive edge through strategic, well-informed decisions fueled by dataplor’s globally scaled, dynamically updated, and human-reviewed POI data.

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Opting for poor data can cost you $$$


If your competitive intelligence is based on incomplete or out-of-date business data, you will likely miss out on identifying emerging trends, shifts in consumer behavior, or new market niches, preventing you from capitalizing on timely opportunities.

Bad spatial data can lead to misleading insights and conclusions about your competitors’ strategies and customer preferences resulting in poor strategic decisions that hinder growth.

Relying on incorrect data can lead to misallocation of resources, where you might invest in areas that are not aligned with your competitors’ actual actions or the market realities.

Bad data that requires heavy technical resources can lead to increased costs.

Bad data can lead to flawed competitive analysis, causing you to misinterpret your competitors’ moves Resulting in strategic errors, such as entering markets prematurely or building misguided business strategies.

Embrace the transformative force of competitive intelligence with dataplor as your source, seizing hidden opportunities, gaining a competitive advantage, and growing your market share.


Don’t settle for bad data. Upgrade your business intelligence with dataplor.

Our AI-powered solutions evaluate a distinct blend of business details, geolocated data, online reviews, and consumer patterns for any point of interest, brand, or region worldwide.

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