Leverage Location & Brand Data to Fuel Your Systems

dataplor’s location analytics and brand intelligence can help you make more informed decisions about where to invest your resources. By providing insights into trends in brand growth, market share, and untapped investment potential, dataplor can help you identify areas where you are most likely to see a return on investment. dataplor’s comprehensive data offerings fuel a number of financial platforms, including real estate, brand investments, insurance, and more.

Comprehensive Location Data


Accurate ROI Forecasting

Integrating dataplor’s POI and brand data into your fintech company’s backend systems can help you optimize your predictive analytics models. Enrich your models with influential factors that can affect investment potential like nearby landmarks, business tenure, brand opening and closure rates in various regions, and other variables to anticipate upcoming trends in growth or risk. This gives you access to more precise projections of investment opportunities and elevating the accuracy of your ROI forecasts.

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Identify Investment Opportunities

POI and brand data can be used to improve your company’s ability to identify investment opportunities. By integrating this data into backend systems, you can use dataplor’s sophisticated location analytics and brand intelligence to detect emerging trends in brand expansion, gain insights into market share dynamics, and uncover regions with untapped investment potential. This information can then be used to make well-informed decisions about resource allocation, leading to increased growth and profitability.

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Risk Assessment and Fraud Prevention

dataplor’s POI and brand data can be used to improve risk assessment for your fintech company by analyzing transaction data in conjunction with location history making it easier to identify irregular or suspicious activities and enhance fraud detection. dataplor’s data can also be used to prevent fraud with a precision-based address verification process and verify card transaction accuracy when fraud is reported on charges.

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The dataplor Advantage

dataplor’s location analytics and brand intelligence can help you make smarter investment decisions. Our comprehensive data offerings can help you succeed in a variety of industries. Integrate our POI and Brand data into your investment and financial tools to make more informed and successful decisions.

dataplor’s location data is second to none, providing a wide range of information about individual POIs, including business hours, reviews, dwell time, and competing store locations. This information can be used to identify prime locations and avoid potential stumbling blocks when expanding. With dataplor’s location intelligence services, confidently explore new markets and grow your brand network confidently, while minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

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Creating Robust Fintech Intelligence

dataplor’s location intelligence catalog gives fintech companies the power to succeed in areas such as real estate, brand investments, insurance quotes, and more by leveraging our extensive data offerings.

Our data sets are meticulously crafted to provide a combination of geospatial data, competitive intelligence, and location trends for any point of interest, brand, or territory around the world.


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