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Global Location Data to Grow Your Market Share

Location intelligence is a critical tool for consumer brands looking to expand into new markets. It can provide insights into regional trends, market saturation, competitor presence, and sales potential. This information can help CPG companies make more informed decisions about where to expand, how much to invest, and what product lines to offer.

Comprehensive Location Intelligence for Consumer Brands


Increase Sales

Gain access to millions of branded and independent points of sale in any location throughout the world. Our sales prioritization indicators allow you to target prime outlets, grow your market presence, and increase revenue.

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Analyze Competitor Presence

Use dataplor’s location data to analyze your competitor’s presence in all regions across the globe. Understand where your competitors are strongest, where they are growing, and where there are opportunities for you to capture the market. You can also use this data to understand your competitors’ growth strategies and strategically prepare for your market entry.

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Pinpoint Demand Hotspots

Location data can help CPG companies identify areas with high demand for their products, both locally and globally. By assessing saturation, consumer demographics, and complimentary local features, CPGs can ensure their distribution strategy is successful.

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Enhanced Data & Analytics

dataplor’s location data makes it easy to improve existing merchant profiles. With up-to-date hours of operation, you can make better decisions about your marketing, sales, and operations strategy.

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Want to see how dataplor measures up?

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The dataplor Advantage

dataplor’s comprehensive and in-depth intelligence of over 200 countries and territories across the globe gives you a complete understanding of the market, even in data-scarce regions. This insight helps you make more strategic decisions about outlet and market selection, which lead to GTM success and increased revenue.

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Consumer Brand Location Intelligence

dataplor’s precise point of interest (POI) data helps CPG businesses make more informed decisions about their retail partners, marketing strategies, and product offerings. Identify high-value retailers, develop personalized marketing strategies that align with consumer preferences, and pinpoint national and international sales channels. dataplor’s datasets are meticulously crafted to provide a combination of geospatial data, competitive intelligence, and location trends for any point of interest, brand, or territory around the world. This comprehensive data set gives CPG businesses the insights they need to make informed decisions about their business.


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