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Human-powered emerging markets intelligence

Help your organization thrive in a global marketplace with reliable, in-depth data on brick-and-mortar businesses. Our field teams hand collect data you need to drive your business.

How we work

Nearly 80% of dataPlor listings don't appear on leading search engines. Most emerging markets data is scraped off the web. The results can be incomplete, or worse, inaccurate. We do emerging markets data differently.

On-the-ground field team

We work with 100,000+ Explorers who live and work in the emerging markets you’re looking to tap into. Trained Explorers, equipped with our mobile app, travel to each location in-person to collect and verify brick-and-mortar business information, collecting thousands of records daily.

Triple-verification process

Each record is run through a proven three-step verification process that includes trained field team members, a suite of data verification software, and use of our team of human validators who look for suspicious and incorrect data.

Actionable data

Use high-fidelity, detailed records to understand exact locations of establishments, where your product could be marketed and sold, or how you’re stacking up against your competition. We’ll work with you to uncover the data most important to your business.

What we offer

Get first-hand, detailed data on emerging markets. And stay one step ahead of your competition.

Emerging markets data you can trust

Get verified information from human sources on hard-to-reach emerging marketplaces that may not yet be listed online, like salons, grocery stores, restaurants, and other small businesses. Our records are checked and verified by both humans and technology.

Enhance your existing datasets

Transform your data into valuable business intelligence by comparing it to what our in-person Explorers uncover. We can audit your existing records, giving you a more complete picture.

Unlimited possibilities

Your data needs are unique to your organization. Need the exact locations of destinations throughout a city? Done. Compare in-store product prices to your competition? No problem. We can provide the exact information you’re looking for with our team of Explorers.

Intelligent in-person brand recognition

Understand how your products are looking on the shelf as if you’re standing in the store, or in thousands of stores. We utilize brand recognition technology to help you see your products as your consumers do across multiple establishments and how they compare to your competition.


We connect global companies to local brick-and-mortar businesses. Our platform gives local businesses access to cutting edge products and services.

Ethically-sourced data

We believe in high-quality, transparent data for everyone. While other companies track and sell user data without them even knowing, we encourage our Explorers to interact with business owners to verify data and help them put their best foot forward.

We believe in the honest and fair collection of data to help organizations get to know the emerging markets they’re looking to become a part of.

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About Us

Hi, we’re dataPlor. We help global companies succeed in emerging markets by providing hand-collected and verified business data.

We work with over 100,000 trained Explorers who uncover and submit information through our mobile app. Once data is verified, we provide companies with details of exact locations, product information, business hours, points of sale, and much more. Our services help companies cultivate new records and supplement existing records.

We’re currently collecting data in major cities in some of the world’s fastest-growing economies across Latin America.

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Let’s start the conversation. We're here to help with your business data needs in emerging markets.

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