Leverage location data to capture more market share and grow your revenue.

Location Intelligence data plays a pivotal role in uncovering fresh revenue opportunities and discovering untapped markets. dataplor offers valuable insights into essential growth predictors. These valuable inputs empower you to make informed and strategic business decisions.

Comprehensive Location Data

dataplor excels in gathering and examining data to help organizations increase growth, reach, visibility, and market presence. The POI data extends beyond geospatial analytics, incorporating a consistent schema and qualitative KPIs on a global scale.


Identify New Markets

Boost your revenue by pinpointing unexplored opportunities and uncovering new markets. By analyzing this data, your business can effectively identify and target areas with high potential, optimizing strategies for growth and market expansion.


Make Informed Site Selection and Consolidation Decisions

Use location data to better understand an area’s potential by analyzing factors such as competition and the age of surrounding businesses. Identify optimal locations for expansion while streamlining operations through strategic consolidation, leading to improved efficiency and profitability.


Optimize Operational Logistics

Leveraging location data can substantially elevate revenue by facilitating the optimization of operational logistics. Through near real-time insights into routes and distribution points, businesses can streamline their supply chain, reduce costs, and accelerate deliveries, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and bottom-line performance.

dataplor provides you with the data you need to grow your revenue.

With access to dataplor’s data, make informed decisions on which locations will lead to the most success.

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Opting for poor data can cost you $$$


Outdated insights might fail to identify emerging markets, resulting in missed chances to expand into profitable areas.

Outdated data can result in redundant efforts, such as costly engineering hours allocated to data cleanup.

Relying on inaccurate data can lead to misguided strategic decisions, affecting site selection, investments, product launches, and more.

Poor data can result in inefficient logistics, longer delivery times, and increased transportation costs.

Inaccurate location data can lead to poor resource allocation, such as selecting sites in suboptimal locations, wasting resources, and hindering growth.

Location data is an indispensable asset for businesses seeking to bolster their bottom line and enhance profitability. In a dynamic and competitive market landscape, understanding the spatial context of consumer behavior, market trends, and geographic preferences provides your business with a strategic edge. Accurate location data allows you to identify untapped markets, pinpoint optimal expansion sites, and tailor offerings to local preferences, all of which contribute to increased revenue streams. With dataplor’s location data, you can make data-driven decisions, minimize risks associated with uninformed strategies, and ultimately foster sustainable growth and heightened profitability.


Don’t settle for bad data. Upgrade your business intelligence with dataplor.

Our AI-powered solutions syntesize a distinct blend of business details, geolocated data, online reviews, and consumer patterns for any Point of Interest, brand, or region worldwide.

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