Mobilize Location Data to Personalize Advertising

For marketers hoping to reap the benefits of mobile advertising, location intelligence is a must-have. With accurate geospatial data, it becomes possible to serve the right customer with the perfect ad in real-time. POI data also makes it easy to understand consumer and competitor behavior and tailor product offerings. That’s why a data-rich strategy is essential for advertisers and brands looking to edge out the competition and capture market share.  

Comprehensive Location-Based Advertising

dataplor’s geospatial intelligence allows marketers and their clients to craft winning advertising strategies driven by location data.


Develop Competitive Intelligence

dataplor’s spatial data gives you access to competitive intelligence about consumer behavior and market trends. Before launching a campaign, you can rely on our geospatial datasets to understand any neighborhood, the history of success or failure for nearby businesses, and which complementary sites might drive sales.


Capitalize on Geotargeted Marketing

Location data is key for any advertiser interested in cutting-edge marketing tactics like geotargeting, geo-conquesting, and geofencing. With dataplor’s global geospatial datasets, you can craft personalized advertising campaigns that always reach the right customer.


Tailor Product Offerings to Consumer Demand

Leveraging dataplor’s POI data empowers you to customize product promotions and offerings, and gain insight into competitor locations and their customer satisfaction scores. With this valuable information, you can make informed decisions on which products to prioritize in your promotions and even scale your offerings based on popular competitor locations. These insights bring a new level of sophistication and personalization to your geotargeted advertising campaigns.

dataplor provides you with the tools you need for successful marketing strategies

Leveraging dataplor’s data, you can create customized advertising strategies to maximize your success rate.

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Opting for poor data can cost you $$$


When dealing with inaccurate data, there is a risk of targeting the wrong audience or placing ads in oversaturated areas. This can result in a significant waste of advertising budget and resources.

Without accurate location data, you may struggle to identify the right demographics, places for positioning, or product demand forecasting, resulting in wasted spend.

Incomplete data may cause you to miss out on potential customers who would have been interested in your offerings. You might overlook valuable untapped market opportunities.

If your advertisements or marketing campaigns are shown in irrelevant contexts due to inaccurate data, it can damage your brand’s reputation and make your messaging seem unprofessional or out of touch.

Advertising decisions based on poor data can lead to lower conversion rates, which in turn results in a lower return on investment.

dataplor is an industry leader in providing the location intelligence that advertisers need to create exciting, personalized location marketing. We offer a wide range of location intelligence that enables marketers to identify the right regions and consumers for ad delivery and to reliably roll out winning strategies.


Expanding your advertising efforts is an important step! Let’s make sure that it’s data-driven to ensure your success.

Our AI-powered solutions evaluate a distinct blend of business details, geolocated data, online reviews, and consumer patterns for any Point of Interest, brand, or region worldwide.

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