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Leverage Location Data to Grow Your Business

Location intelligence is essential for QSRs and retailers to succeed in new markets. It provides insights into regional trends, competitor performance, and customer behavior. This helps businesses make informed decisions about expansion and capture more market share.

Comprehensive Location Intelligence


Pinpoint Areas With the Most Potential

dataplor’s spatial data helps you pinpoint the best areas to expand your brand, open new stores, and find new resellers. Our data provides detailed information about resellers and points of sale, so you can make informed decisions about where to invest.

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Outperform the Competition With Location Data

Stay ahead of the competition by understanding where your competitors have opened stores and which areas have the highest potential for success. You can use this information to make proactive decisions about where to expand operations, reach target customers, and plan future growth.

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Understand Your Customers

Understand customer patterns of behavior, so you can make more informed decisions about where to invest and where to open your next store. Access a comprehensive overview of different regions to help identify strategic markets and qualify sites for expansion. dataplor’s location data sets combine geospatial data, competitor insights, and location trends for any Point of Interest, brand, or territory in the world.

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Enrich Your Data

Enrich your understanding of quick-service restaurants and retailers in any location around the world. This includes services offered, hours of operation, and more. With this information available, you are able to make you’ll be able to plan strategic initiatives with confidence.

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Want to see how dataplor measures up?

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The dataplor Advantage

dataplor’s comprehensive and in-depth analysis of various regions gives you a complete understanding of the market, even in data-scarce regions. This leads to a more strategic approach to site selection and a better chance of success in opening a new store.

dataplor’s location data is second to none, providing a wide range of information about individual POIs, including business hours, reviews, dwell time, and competing store locations. This information can be used to identify prime locations and avoid potential stumbling blocks when expanding. With dataplor’s location intelligence services, confidently explore new markets and grow your brand network confidently, while minimizing risks and maximizing profits.

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QSRs and Retail Brand Location Insights

dataplor’s location intelligence catalog empowers QSRs and retailers to consolidate, expand, and dominate markets of interest with near real-time insights. Our data sets are meticulously crafted to provide a combination of geospatial data, competitive intelligence, and location trends for any point of interest, brand, or territory around the world.


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