Jun 27, 2023 / 10 min read

How dataplor Transformed a Global Brand’s Market Insights

Case Studies

Client: Global Leader in Beverage Brands

Industry: Food and Beverage, CPG

Executive Summary:

A renowned global brand in the food and beverage industry aimed to enhance its international product growth through accurate and comprehensive location intelligence. The company sought to identify market opportunities and track product distribution worldwide. Partnering with dataplor, they found a reliable solution provider capable of delivering high-quality data and customized solutions. Leveraging dataplor’s extensive data library, the client successfully built advanced sales systems, expanded their market presence, and gained a competitive edge on a global scale.


The client faced the challenge of acquiring precise global data to support their expansion plans. They needed detailed insights into product locations, market opportunities, and competition across various regions. Despite having access to multiple data channels, none provided the comprehensive, dynamic, solution-focused partnership required to drive their growth strategies effectively.


dataplor, the leading provider of location intelligence data, collaborated with the client to transform their market insights. By leveraging dataplor’s extensive data resources, the client gained access to a comprehensive catalog of accurate and high-quality location data. dataplor’s tailored data offerings surpassed the limitations of the client’s existing channels, empowering them with highly relevant location intelligence.


With dataplor’s support, the client focused on building advanced sales systems to expand their international market presence. They seamlessly integrated dataplor’s location data into their back-end systems, enabling them to identify new sales channels while avoiding product cannibalization on a global scale.


Since the initial launch of their partnership with dataplor, the client has expanded their contract to include eight additional regions. Leveraging dataplor’s core 34 attribute schema, custom competitive intelligence, and sales prioritization indicators, the client thoroughly understood their market penetration. The partnership has proven to be successful, as evidenced by its continued growth. The client commended dataplor as their preferred data partner.

Quarter Results:

New Records: +130K

Observations: +6M

Closed Places: +40K

Key Outcomes:

Comprehensive Data Insights: dataplor’s location intelligence empowered the client to identify market opportunities, track product distribution, and analyze competition across the globe.

Advanced Sales Systems: Utilizing dataplor’s data, the client built advanced sales systems that facilitated the expansion of international product placement, ensuring optimal market penetration.

Tailored Growth Strategies: With access to dynamically updated high-quality data, the client developed actionable growth strategies based on a deep understanding of country-specific challenges, enabling them to capture more market share.

Future Outlook:

The successful collaboration between the client and dataplor has laid a strong foundation for future growth and expansion. The client plans to continue leveraging dataplor’s expertise to enter additional markets worldwide. The partnership is set to flourish as both organizations work together to fuel the client’s global product growth and maintain their position as leaders in the food and beverage industry.


dataplor’s location intelligence solutions have empowered the client to make informed decisions and drive international product growth. By providing accurate and custom-tailored data, dataplor continues to play a pivotal role in enabling the client to identify market opportunities, optimize their sales systems, and devise effective growth strategies. The partnership stands as a testament to dataplor’s commitment to delivering superior location intelligence solutions and solidifying their position as a preferred data partner.

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