Jan 23, 2023 / 8 min read

Helping a Global CPG Brand Navigate Disruption and Grow Internationally

Case Studies

The Client

dataplor partnered with a top 10 global CPG company, a multinational drink and brewing business with more than 600 beer brands in 150 countries.

The Challenge

CPG companies depend on precise location data to grow abroad. They need to know where customers, retailers, and other supply chain partners are. This is a tall order in normal times — before partnering with dataplor, the beverage company had discovered that available data on distribution channels in the alcohol industry was fragmented and not frequently updated, especially in emerging economies. The client’s market, customer, and competitive intelligence team tried to maintain its own location data and found itself constantly having to turn around and source it again to avoid errors.

Then, COVID struck. If sourcing accurate and up-to-date point of interest data was hard before the pandemic, it became all but impossible during that period of historic disruption. This was especially the case in developing countries such as Brazil and Mexico, where the beverage company suspected opportunities for growth but could not begin to map out how to plot its expansion.

The client needed international location data that was comprehensive, accurate, and up to date. The market, customer, and competitive intelligence team also needed a way to gauge confidence in the data so that, when they brought their conclusions about growth opportunities to the firm’s leadership team, they could prioritize regional opportunities and know how much to trust their assessments. 

The Solution

dataplor’s POI data allowed the client to better understand their coverage and their competitors’ coverage in international markets, identify new distribution channels, and more strategically allocate resources to gain market share and decrease waste. The client team developed a multi-pronged approach to its market analysis that uses dataplor data to locate distributors and understand spatial relationships between distributors, customers, and prospective customers.

With dataplor Places data, the client now commands reliable and up-to-date information about its customers and supply chain partners. Much more easily than before, the client can identify where to focus its expansion efforts, targeting distributors who will maximize market penetration based on current gaps in market coverage and demographics.

The client can aggregate confidence scores as well as demographic, brand, and POI data to more strategically distribute its products and increase sales. And the market, customer, and competitive intelligence team now delivers detailed reports to leadership to identify growth opportunities.

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