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Acquisitions & Partnerships Indicate Latin America Online Delivery Growth

LATAM delivery startups are experiencing rapid growth - including partnerships and acquisitions - to expand into new markets in the region. In contrast, some of the region's largest, longstanding companies are suffering

Contrasts Between Latin America's Largest Economies: Impact of Fiscal Response to the Pandemic

An exploration of fiscal policies put forward by Latin America's largest economies (Brazil and Mexico) in response to the Coronavirus pandemic with an analysis by economists.

Private Equity & Venture Funding In LATAM Fintech Shows Signs Of COVID Economic Recovery

Private equity & venture funding in LATAM fintech companies this week, particularly in Mexico & Brazil, indicate signs of economic recovery from COVID-19

How dataPlor's Datasets Helped American Express Expand In Mexico

After using a competitor's dataset which was only 10% qualified, American Express used dataPlor's dataset - 90% qualified - to successfully expand in Mexico

Latin America’s Budding Tech Companies & Growth Projections

Read about Latin America's budding tech companies, hrowth projections, Goldman Sach news and more.

How dataPlor Closes Small Business Data Gaps

When dataPlor evaluated Google’s business data in Mexico. Both Google and dataPlor executives were shocked to learn that 75% of businesses in Mexico were not listed in Google’s search results or internal data set

How dataPlor Helped Google My Business Increase Small Business Data On Its Platform

When Google needed increase the number of small businesses on its platform, dataPlor's field team set out to provide hand collect data on 200k businesses -- 80% which were not on the platform.

CEO Interview: Micro-Businesses In Emerging Markets

Learn more about micro-businesses in emerging markets with highlights from a recent interview

How dataPlor Provides Location Data For Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations In Mexico

Read how dataPlor gathered the necessary insights quickly, with zero error, when a large mapping company needed data on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCSs) in Mexico City.


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