Dec 01, 2023 /

Point of Interest Metadata 


A point of interest (POI) is any intriguing physical location your business identifies as a potential target. These locations can be stores, restaurants or parks you want to learn more about, or larger regions like neighborhoods or cities. When organized in databases, these inputs can be supported  by metadata  to increase their ease of use.

What Is Metadata? 

Metadata is a form of data that provides additional information and context to other data. It can be thought of as a summary or key performance indicator of the data, making it easier to understand and locate this information quickly.

POI data can also have metadata attached, allowing businesses to easily categorize vital information. Dealing with large amounts of POI information can often be overwhelming. Leveraging metadata can relieve this challenge by offering information such as name, address, coordinates and business or property type. POI metadata can even offer more specificity to include customer reviews, contact information and included features such as valet parking or swimming pools, in the case of a hotel. 

Uses of Point of Interest Metadata 

Streamline your end-to-end workflows with POI metadata. Metadata provides a snapshot of all your locations, allowing you to filter large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. You’ll have what you need to easily identify and retrieve locations fitting your criteria to optimize your decision-making without wasting too much time. POI metadata is used to identify valuable investment areas, select site locations and distribute targeted messaging to customers.  

Other uses of metadata include: 

  • Identifying competitor features
  • Enhancing customer experiences
  • Optimizing operations management
  • Locating potential partnerships

dataplor Is Your Go-To Point of Interest Data Provider

Take advantage of precise and detailed POI metadata collected and managed by the industry’s foremost provider. dataplor is a cutting-edge organization dedicated to providing businesses with reliable real-time data they can trust.

We’ve assembled an expansive collective of international analysts, scientists and human validators to oversee our global location intelligence. Each depends on their local expertise and language proficiency to conduct reviews, identify errors and eliminate duplications in our data, giving your team access to accurate information to fuel your decision-making procedures. 

dataplor collects information from over 200 countries and territories across the globe. We offer one of the only solutions that provides this scale of information, offering valuable insight to support your expansion no matter where you’re going. Our POI information is complete with detailed metadata tags to provide a user-friendly operation that allows your business to tackle objectives confidently. dataplor understands the importance of recent information and performs near-real-time updates for accurate data that can meaningfully impact your operations. 

Connect With Our Experts to Learn More

Partner with dataplor to access highly precise location-specific data to learn more about your customers and identify valuable business opportunities. Our datasets offer comprehensive insight into various markets and effortlessly integrate within numerous POI database systems like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Databricks. 

dataplor has the technology and resources to propel your business toward success. Contact our specialists online to learn more about our innovative solutions today.