Mar 08, 2023 / 8 min read

Location Data and The Future of Retail: dataPlor to Attend 2023 ShopTalk Conference


dataPlor will join hundreds of the world’s top CPG brands, retailers, and technology providers at the 2023 Shoptalk Conference in Las Vegas, NV. Shoptalk, which will be held at Mandalay Bay from March 26–29, brings more than 10,000 industry professionals together to build relationships and learn about the most exciting innovations in retail.

While e-commerce continues to thrive after its explosive growth during the pandemic, in-person retail is still more deeply ingrained in day-to-day consumer life. According to research compiled by Zippia, nearly 40% of consumers make at least one in-store purchase per week, compared to 27% who make an online purchase. 

As brick-and-mortar shopping continues to dominate, dataPlor enables brands and retailers to create geo-targeted advertising experiences; discover beneficial brand-retail partnerships; conduct regional, national, and international site selection research; and gather competitive intelligence through the power of location data

Location data provides insight into consumer behavior, points of interest (POI), and market competition that both brands and retailers need to make critical business decisions and design high-ROI advertising campaigns. From a smaller, regional company to a top 10 international brand, location data can help any CPG or retail business grow at scale by enhancing market research, advertising, and expansion strategy. 

An apparel retailer would need precise location data to grow abroad, for example. They’d need to know where customers, competitors, and other supply chain partners are—and to gain this knowledge, they’d need international data that is comprehensive, accurate, and up to date. 

In this example, dataPlor’s POI data can provide a clear picture of both the client and their competitors’ presence in international markets, help them identify new distribution channels, and enable them to allocate resources to gain market share and decrease waste.

dataPlor would love to meet with Shoptalk attendees who are curious about using location data to scale their retail operations. Stop by dataplor’s booth #1719, or pick a time that works best for you to meet with us at Shoptalk.

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