Nov 14, 2023

Global Places Dataset


Data makes the world go round. Sourcing consistent and precise streams of geographic information is crucial to enhancing your planning and decision-making procedures. On your own, this task can seem daunting and require significant investments of time, energy and resources. Instead, working with a trustworthy geographic data provider can streamline your operations and get you back to focusing on the areas of your business that need your attention.

dataplor is a world-leading data provider known for delivering premium global market insights to help businesses optimize their operations. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to verifying our data will place our services at the top of your list. We give you what you need to learn more about the world and make decisions that propel you toward success. 

All the Information You Need Is at Your Fingertips

Don’t risk your global efforts with outdated or incomplete data. dataplor seeks to give you an in-depth representation of the world around you using thorough collections of global market insights. We collect data from more than 250 million locations in 200 countries and territories, giving us one of the largest data coverages in the world. Our places datasets are constantly growing with point of interest (POI) information complete with detailed metadata, making it easy to find the data you’re looking for. 

Our experts leverage advanced technologies to support our work, including image recognition, artificial intelligence and language models. These tools help us collect a wide range of information regarding consumer behaviors, statistics and geographic information tied to locations and brands. Gain more information about your POIs without sacrificing your time, leaving all the heavy lifting to dataplor. 

Trust High-Quality Global Places Data 

Optimize your global market insight with information you can trust. At dataplor, we understand how vital your data quality is to your business and strive to provide a comprehensive solution. Our global places datasets are updated in as close to real-time as possible through our advanced machine-learning capabilities. This ability allows us to provide companies with an exhaustive supply of billions of detailed data points to fuel business strategies.

dataplor has built a state-of-the-art quality control system to foster the reliability you deserve. We constantly validate data to identify duplicates and resolve discrepancies through AI-driven automation and an in-house team of highly trained experts, scientists and analysts. Our professionals are positioned worldwide, leveraging their local expertise and language proficiency to review data and flag errors. Approach new investments and expansions confidently while knowing you’re tackling every decision with a stockpile of accurate data. 

Get Started With Our Service Today

Partner with a leading geographic data provider to maximize your business’s potential. At dataplor, we have years of experience working with companies of all shapes and sizes, providing unrivaled information to fuel successful decision-making and problem-solving activities. Our large global places datasets offer valuable metrics your business can use to satisfy customers, scale your operation, and take advantage of unique market opportunities. 

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