May 17, 2023 / 8 min read

Empowering Community Enhancement: A Case Study on Harnessing Location Data for a Powerful Impact


Yeme Tech’s Community Platform is a powerful application that utilizes spatially mapped Human, Asset, and Activity data to provide profound local insights into communities. By leveraging this information, Yeme Tech empowers developers, community stakeholders, and others to take action toward creating positive social impact through enhanced interaction, engagement, and cohesion. Yeme Tech’s platform not only provides valuable information about the places around us, but also facilitates new ideas to improve our communities.

Yeme Tech relies on having the most accurate geospatial data to support its platform’s functionality and users. Prior to using dataplor for its location intelligence needs, the company had relied on open-source data and Google Places for their Point Of Interest (POI) data. However, these sources proved unreliable and costly, making it difficult to analyze the data and grow the platform into new areas.

The Challenges with Google Places and Open-Sourced POI Data

Yeme Tech faced several challenges with the open-source data they were using previously. The data was unstructured, decentralized, and complicated, requiring a lot of legwork to compile and analyze. Additionally, there was a considerable margin of error associated with validation and replicability for other projects and locations. This made it nearly impossible for Yeme Tech to provide their customers with accurate analysis and develop its community enhancement platform.

Yeme Tech then turned to Google Places as an alternative data source. However, this approach was not scalable due to the very high and unpredictable costs. The updates provided by Google Places were not recurring which made it difficult to grow into new areas. This resulted in Yeme Tech spending a considerable amount of time scraping multiple sources and compiling data in a usable format.

The Solution: dataplor’s POI Data

To overcome these challenges, Yeme Tech needed a data provider that could offer accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date global data to support their mission of creating walkable and sustainable cities. After extensive research and trials, Yeme Tech chose dataplor as its data provider.

dataplor’s expertise and support were one of the key factors in Yeme Tech’s decision to choose them as their data provider. dataplor’s proven strategies for collecting and verifying data gave Yeme Tech confidence that they could continue developing their community enhancement platform with reliable and up-to-date information. Additionally, dataplor’s breadth and depth of data allowed Yeme Tech to plan for future scalability.

The Benefits of dataplor’s POI Data

Using dataplor’s POI data, Yeme Tech has been able to integrate valuable insights into its platform. dataplor’s POI data has allowed Yeme Tech to advance their work of creating a 15-minute Walkable Fulfillment benchmarking tool. They have also used dataplor’s POI data in a series of consultancy projects, leading to transformational insights related to community engagement consultation analysis and business emissions, among others.

Alejandro Quinto, Head of Innovation at Yeme Tech described their experience with dataplor stating “In creating a profound new Community Enhancement Tool, we recognised the importance of accurate, place-based asset data to our entire proposition. The quality, detail and format of this was critical to achieving our objective of a globally significant and market-leading platform. It has been fantastic working with dataplor as their culture of exploration led to a co-creation approach being developed. Their expertise and resources allowed us to be able to create valuable metrics in order to gather valuable insights and make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. Their commitment to quality and support has been essential in ensuring the success of our data-driven proposition.”

One of the standout features of dataplor’s POI data is the asset categorization that identifies the different attributes of the POIs, enabling Yeme Tech to sort through the data easily. Additionally, Yeme Tech appreciates flexible approach to licensing.

Looking Forward

Yeme Tech is a leader in community enhancement for cities and governments, and dataplor is excited to support their mission to expand into new areas throughout the globe. Yeme Tech plans to continue using dataplor to support their upcoming initiatives for developing a comprehensive and standardized social benchmarking tool capable of empowering citizens and businesses to take a bottom-up approach in leading social transformation of communities.

Yeme Tech’s partnership with dataplor has enabled them to provide consistent, accurate, and thorough insights into places globally. dataplor’s POI data has given Yeme Tech the confidence to develop their community enhancement platform with reliable and up-to-date information. dataplor’s expertise and support, combined with their comprehensive and cost-effective data coverage, have made them the ideal partner for Yeme Tech’s mission to create walkable and sustainable cities.

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