May 10, 2023 / 8 min read

Dataplor partners with StateBook


dataplor Partners with StateBook to Provide Comprehensive Economic and Location Data for Every US Community

dataplor, the top global geospatial data company specializing in points of interest, and StateBook, the leading provider of comprehensive, visualized economic market insights in the United States, are partnering to provide their customers with even more powerful location intelligence. 

RetailersCPG brands, financial institutions, tech companies, third-party logistics providers, and more rely on dataplor to understand where competitors and complementary businesses are located, select new sites, and identify markets ripe for expansion. Thanks to the StateBook partnership, dataplor will provide more users with tailored datasets that unlock insights into strategic investment, project viability, and risk mitigation across multiple geography levels and over time.  

The partnership with dataplor enables StateBook to add best-in-class POI data to its existing complement of  32 billion data points, enabling its customers to access insights and trends around the nation’s workforce, wage rates, industries, infrastructure, taxes, demographics, and more. 

“The partnership with dataplor equips our customers with the deepest, most accurate geospatial view of US markets available,”

said Calandra Cruickshank, founder and CEO of StateBook,  adding that StateBook also recently added real-time mobility insights from cell phones to its arsenal of data, along with risk, resilience, and impact data. StateBook’s customers span real estate investors and developers, Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, insurance companies, and other technology companies. 

“We’re excited to formally kick off our partnership with StateBook,” said Geoff Michener, dataplor CEO and co-founder. “POI data has never been more relevant to growth as businesses across verticals aim to identify the surest possible paths to expansion in a tough macroeconomic environment. With dataplor’s POI data and StateBook’s socioeconomic data insights, brick-and-mortar businesses will be able to confidently select the sites where they are most likely to grow.”

dataplor sets itself apart from other geospatial data companies through its exclusive focus on POI data and its industry-leading data verification process. Much location data is inaccurate, owing to poor open-source data verification methods and differing records across sources. dataplor employs machine learning to deduplicate records, AI call bots to confirm local business information, and local human experts to provide clarity in ambiguous cases. 

Over the past year, dataplor has grown to cover more than 100 million POIs in over 200 countries and territories. Its coverage of POIs in the US is second to none. 

As the leading provider of trusted socio-economic data for location intelligence, StateBook enables its customers to gain information advantage with actionable insights. Fortune 500 companies, real estate investors, banks, insurance companies, and communities use StateBook data to identify the most strategic opportunities for investment, reduce risk, increase resiliency and optimize for success. StateBook also licenses its data to enable technology companies to deliver timely, flexible, intuitive market data to their customers.

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