Apr 20, 2023 / 8 min read

Dataplor Expands Access to Over 200 Million POIs in 200 Countries & Territories for Unmatched Global Places Data


Unprecedented Access to Over 200 Million POIs in 200 Countries & Territories for Comprehensive Places Data

dataplor, the leading provider of Point of Interest (POI) data for enterprises worldwide, has announced its latest expansion, with coverage now extending to over 200 million POIs across 200 countries and territories. This is the most extensive coverage offered by any provider in the industry.

dataplor’s success lies in its multi-step data collection and verification process. By working with local experts to vet geospatial data, the firm closes gaps in machine errors with boots-on-the-ground verification. dataplor’s frequent and dynamic updates enable users to gain improved visibility into poorly mapped business geographies that are not accessible through other providers. 

Empower Your Data-Driven Decisions with Accurate Location Intelligence at a Global Scale

Accurate and comprehensive POI data is essential for organizations seeking to expand their business operations in developing markets. This data allows businesses to make informed decisions about site selection, optimize their operations, tailor their marketing strategies to specific audiences, and identify opportunities for expansion in new markets.

Tracking places attributes such as the location, open close status, operating hours, classification, dwell times, and more, dataplor paints a picture of hyperlocal markets to reveal broader trends. POI data can uncover holes in local brick-and-mortar economies, highlighting regions where retailers or consumer packaged goods companies can increase sales and marketing efforts. POI data also reveals which chains and brands are growing or receding in certain areas, painting a clear picture of global competitive intelligence.

dataplor is putting businesses on the map in international markets and lighting the way for companies looking to establish themselves abroad. The world’s largest tech, CPG, and financial services companies rely on dataplor to understand global markets by processing comprehensive data, which leads to a better understanding of the target area and enables more effective market analysis.

Sustainable Expansion with Uncompromised Data Quality: dataplor’s Strategy for Continuous Growth

With its comprehensive coverage and meticulous upkeep, dataplor is set to continue growing while maintaining its position as the industry leader in POI data. The company plans to extend its coverage by 20% by the end of 2023, ensuring accuracy across all locations with the support of an expanding team. dataplor’s commitment to maintaining accurate information in diverse markets is evident in its success, with the world’s largest tech, consumer packaged goods, and financial services companies relying on its data for global growth strategies.

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