Jun 08, 2023 / 12 min read

dataplor and CARTO Expand their Partnership to Offer Enhanced Global Data Coverage and Accessibility


In an exciting development, dataplor has recently strengthened our partnership with CARTO, enabling CARTO users to access comprehensive data on over 200 countries and territories. This expanded collaboration brings forth an enhanced data schema, ensuring that the information you need is easily accessible through the platforms you use. dataplor is thrilled to expand the partnership and looks forward to seeing the opportunities it will bring to companies looking to grow internationally.

dataplor and CARTO Collaborate on a Global Scale

Enhanced Data Schema

As the leading provider of location-based data, we are thrilled to expand our partnership with CARTO, an industry-leading platform for spatial analysis and visualization. By combining expertise and resources, we have successfully expanded the breadth and depth of our data offerings, providing users with unparalleled access to data from over 200 countries and territories worldwide.

The cornerstone of this enhanced collaboration is the deployment of an expanded and consistent data schema. This refined structure empowers users to effortlessly navigate through large amounts of information, enabling users to quickly draw relevant insights. Whether you are a business analyst, researcher, or developer, this expanded data schema promises to give a more comprehensive understanding of your targeted area.

A Partnership for Global Growth

The dataplor and CARTO partnership represents a powerful union of data accuracy and geospatial analytics. By harnessing dataplor’s comprehensive and meticulously curated Points of Interest (POI) data alongside CARTO’s advanced spatial analysis capabilities, users can unlock valuable insights and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them. This synergy opens up a world of possibilities for companies across various industries, including retail, real estate, logistics, and urban planning.

This expanded collaboration not only broadens the horizons of existing users but also invites new companies to embrace the potential for expansion and growth. The availability of high-quality data on a global scale opens up the opportunity to explore untapped markets, identify emerging trends, and make data-driven decisions to optimize operations. 

Exploring the CARTO Data Catalog

To make the most of this valuable partnership, be sure to explore the extensive options now accessible in the CARTO data catalog. The catalog serves as an easily digestible way to navigate the wealth of geospatial data available, covering a wide range of categories and regions. 

At dataplor, we are excited about this expanded partnership and the new opportunities it presents for businesses worldwide. We envision a future where organizations can leverage the power of location-based data to drive growth and innovation year after year. Together, dataplor and CARTO are committed to empowering companies with the knowledge and insights they need to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world.

This partnership expansion marks a significant milestone in the realm of geospatial data accessibility. By uniting strengths, we are able to make vast amounts of data more accessible, offering a wider perspective on the global landscape. Explore the CARTO data catalog, and unlock a world of insights that can propel your business to new heights of success.

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