Scale Globally with the Most Accurate Location Data

dataPlor delivers the most accurate global places data; local experts provide final confirmation.

Over 50 Million Points of Interest (POIs) available in 40+ countries across Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
No other location intelligence company uses machine learning, AI call bots, visual learning, local experts, and more to deliver high-quality POI data abroad.

We Solve Growth Problems for Fortune 500 Companies Across:

Technology, Mapping, Search
Third-Party Logistics
Retail & QSRs
Finance and Fintech
Business Development & Growth

We help market leaders understand international locations and grow globally.

Identify where customers, competitors, and partners are in difficult-to-reach areas

Access the most comprehensive and accurate POI data to gain a strategic edge

Transform your reach and vision through more accurate spatial analytics

Our Clients

The world’s leading companies trust dataPlor’s information to power their geospatial, data, analytics, strategy, and growth teams:

Why You Need Better Location Data

Seventy to ninety percent of international point of interest data is inaccurate

are missing a core attribute
have incorrect location attributes
of places are closed

The Result?

Thousands of Hours Wasted
Misleading Insights & Outcomes
Lost Growth & Revenue

What Makes dataPlor Different

We go several steps deeper to deliver the most precise location intelligence.

Human Capital

Working with locals and in-house data experts to verify information, powering the only “last-mile” location intelligence solution at global scale

Machine Learning Based Observation System

Scaling a state-of-the-art, custom-built machine learning observation system to monitor multiple data sources to identify the most up-to-date POI data

Deep Learning Image Recognition

Analyzing on-the-ground photos and implementing deep-learning image recognition to verify information and brand coverage

AI Call Bots

Gathering information from businesses in their local language with proprietary AI contact technology

Confidence Scoring

Leveraging confidence scores for each record via a proprietary algorithm to help our customers make better decisions

Global Coverage

Delivering the most complete geographic coverage possible

Dynamic Updates

Updating and improving POI data 24/7 at scale

Data Focused

Focusing purely on high quality data

"dataPlor's international POI data was much more accurate than other providers — up to 90% in some regions."
Global Data Acquisition Manager, Top 5 Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Use Cases by Vertical

  • Identify new sales channels and distribution partners

  • Increase revenue and market penetration

  • Analyze current versus potential brand coverage

  • Implement a spatially driven, strategic product distribution plan

  • Improve your existing and third- party data

Technology, Mapping, Search
  • Create industry-leading mapping, search, and technology products

  • Eliminate data gaps and improve the user experience

  • Ensure accurate information is provided to your customers

  • Develop a more complete understanding of international places

  • Improve your existing and third-party data

Third-Party Logistics
  • Ensure more accurate last mile logistics

  • Reduce costs of inaccurate deliveries

  • Enhance internal applications and interfaces

  • Eliminate data gaps and improve the user experience

  • Improve your existing and third- party data

Retail and Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)
  • Identify the best locations to deploy new sites

  • Develop deeper competitive intelligence

  • Understand local retail trends and patterns

  • Implement a location intelligence strategy

Finance and Fintech
  • Identify trends, patterns, and performance of the world’s leading companies

  • Support public equity investment initiatives

  • Fight international fraud with verified business and location information

  • Drive more accurate international growth decisions

Business Development and Growth
  • Identify new clients

  • Increase revenue and market penetration

  • Analyze new customer segments

  • Prioritize sales strategy and resources through confidence scores