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Emerging markets data done right

We’re dataPlor. We help global companies succeed in emerging markets by providing hand-collected and verified business data. Our services help companies cultivate new records, audit and supplement existing records, and create custom projects to gather actionable business data that helps them thrive in emerging markets.


There are ~400 million small businesses in emerging markets¹, yet only 25% of LATAM businesses have any sort of online presence — resulting in missing information and blank spots on the map².

The Problem

Traditional emerging markets data is flawed. Traditional data providers scrape the web to make up their listings. The results are data sets that are incomplete and inaccurate.

The Solution

We do emerging markets data differently. We use an on-the-ground field team of Explorers who hand-collect data using mobile technology. Data is then triple-verified for accuracy and authenticity.

1: Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES)  Finance
2: Internal Dataplor study.

“The most robust data and thorough data validation process we’ve seen from any vendor.”


Case Studies

Global companies succeed with dataPlor


We worked with Google to provide the organization with data sets surrounding small and medium-sized businesses across Mexico.

Explorers visited ~100,000 SMBs across Mexico capturing business name, address, hours of operation, contact information, high-quality images and more.

75% of the records provided were net new to Google. The data was used to fuel Google My Business as well as mapping and data projects.


dataPlor provided an up to date, human-verified data set validating this client’s electric vehicle charging stations throughout Mexico City.

Explorers augmented 100% of records by gathering additional attributes including exact location, number of charging stations, cost per charge, type of charger, and images.

Project timeline and expectations were met with rapid progress as Explorers visited hundreds of EV stations to audit and enrich existing data sets in under just two days.

Our Products

Data Subscription service

Get an initial set of records and subscribe to a monthly delivery of new records.

Off-the-shelf records

Purchase a one-time batch of records for your specific business objective.

Specific criteria surveys

Create custom criteria for Explorers to provide about businesses in our database or using your own leads.

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Leading global organizations use our services and data to expand their reach.


What could you do with a 55,000+ person on-the-ground field team?

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