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Small Business Data

1. Why does dataPlor focus on small business data? Why should we care?

Small business data provides useful “behind the scenes” information that can be leveraged for enterprise growth strategies. Unfortunately most international small business data is bad. This is particularly true in emerging markets in which 75% of small businesses have no online presence making them unsearchable. Of the existing online data, 50% is incorrect. 

Although a number of longstanding reasons exist for this, such as government corruption, the recent COVID-19 pandemic  has compounded the volatility of small businesses. This further increases the need for accurate and fresh data.

2. Which locations do you cover?

We are fully launched in Mexico with 1-1.5 million records at any given time with ongoing Q4 launches in the rest of Latin America’s largest economies including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

We can, however, use our tested approach for any area of the world. Please feel free to reach out to us with a request.

3. Why does dataPlor focus on SMB data in LATAM (Latin America)?

Though we started our programs in LATAM, our long term vision is to deliver verified, accurate small business data in emerging markets worldwide. This methodology will replicate the data collection and AI verification practices that we currently use in LATAM economies. Due to lack of online presence for SMBs, corruption, inaccurate reporting and other factors it is very difficult to obtain accurate information for these areas. 

4. How (and if) has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted dataPlor's SMB records?

With COVID-19 impacting the volatility of small businesses, the need for accurate and fresh data has increased. Due to this, we now deliver clients data in tranches that are cleaned and refreshed at least once per quarter.

Dataplor product

1. What is included in the business record provided?

Basic business records include: business name, address, phone number, latitude and longitude. Additional information may include: first name and email address of the business owner, hours of operation and credit cards accepted. dataPlor customers may also request custom information for their business needs which we will also provide.

2. What is dataPlor’s pricing? Are there different tiers?



Pricing is customized per company need. Please contact us for more information.


1. Have additional questions?

We would love to help! Please feel free to reach out to us for more information.