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January 15, 2018

Mexico: Open for Business

At dataPlor, we know that emerging markets are one of the best places to look for revenue growth. Economic growth is decelerating in developed countries, venture investment is going down, and competition is high in most industries. Frontier markets provide an exciting opportunity to capture under-penetrated markets and win first-mover advantage in a growing economy. Here we provide insights on Emerging Markets to consider for your company’s growth strategy.


Top three reasons to do business in Mexico:

1) The government is focused on SMB success:

Over the past few decades,  Mexico’s large enterprises that comprise their public stock exchange have grown significantly. However this has not had a direct impact on the country’s per-capita GDP because much of the growth was realized through international expansion.  In order to stimulate the economy’s GDP, bottom-up innovation is required, and the local government has but programs in place to stimulate entrepreneurship and SME growth.

The 2016 Financial Inclusion Strategy put in place by President Nieto stresses the importance of funding for small businesses and setting them up for success. The federal government manages specific programs targeted to micro and small enterprises, such as business incubators for “basic enterprises” (empresas básicas), a programme on micro-franchising, and one which encourages the upgrading of managerial skills and ICT adoption in microenterprises. (http://www.oecd.org/mexico/)

2) Strong position in Free Trade Agreements

Mexico has access to 45 countries through participation in 10 free trade agreements. They are a global leader in manufacturing and local suppliers are increasingly being exposed to nontraditional markets and developing relations with foreign suppliers. The president of Mexico just signed formal partnershipwith Alibaba in September of 2017 to empower their growing network of SMB’s even further.

3) Proximity to USA

If you are a US-based company, our proximity to Mexico can be a positive. Mexican consumers are used to American advertising, products, and culture, so understanding and  reaching your audience here can be easier than many other emerging markets. Communication and management is easier due to shared time zones as well.


Are Emerging Markets the Way to Grow Your Local Marketing Business?

A multi-billion-dollar opportunity for small and large companies alike sits almost completely untouched today: Servicing millions of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in emerging markets.

Engage a Mobile Workforce When Expanding to Emerging Markets

Emerging Market expansion is a hot topic in business today. Gartner research reports that 40-60% of business growth will come from emerging economies in the next decade.

Mobile Credit Card Readers Ride the Wave of Growth in Emerging Markets

One industry on track to experience high growth insync with the economic trend of emerging markets is mobile payments. Specifically the kind that attach to smartphones—Mobile Card Readers (or MCRs). According to Technavio Research, the MCR market will grow 54% from 2017 to 2021, largely supported by growing economies in LATAM, Southeast Asia, and Africa.


Let’s start the conversation. Whether you’re looking for new emerging markets data, to verify existing records, or need to launch a custom data project, we can help.

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