How dataPlor Helped Google My Business Increase Small Business Data On Its Platform

When Google needed increase the number of small businesses on its platform, dataPlor's field team set out to provide hand collect data on 200k businesses -- 80% which were not on the platform.

The Challenge: Verifying Small Businesses In Mexico

“Google My Business,” a product by Google, the world's largest search engine, helps businesses easily connect with customers across both search and maps. In order to so, businesses must create a free profile on the platform. Often, particularly in developed countries, setting up a Google profile comes naturally for marketing reasons when setting up a businesses  -- this was not the case in Mexico.

Google found that 80% of small businesses were not verified on its platform in the region. Google needed help with onboarding small businesses to itsplatform to help the Companysupplement its "Google My Business" product.

dataPlor's Solution

Google engaged dataPlor which deployed its field team to visit, hand-collect and human-verify data on 200K+ small businesses. This drastically increased the number of businesses available on "Google My Business." In fact, 80% of the businesses were NOT verified on Google.

In fact, dataPlor added the largest number of businesses than any partner worldwide.

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