‍Interview with Geoffrey Michener, dataPlor CEO

Here are some highlights from a recent interview with our CEO, a serial entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience in the big data and enterprise space.


In October dataPlor’s CEO Geoffrey Michener was interviewed by Leo Kangin at Brief. Here are some highlights:

About Geofferey Michener

Geoffrey (Geoff) Michener is a serial entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience solving complex problems in the big data, small business an enterprise space. Studies abroad in Latin America (Nicaragua) combined with restaurant work in high school, college and grad school sparked his interest in helping small businesses.

My system is being present and engaged so I can effectively prioritize issues and daily tasks. Having led startups in the past, my instinct is well developed to assess what is urgent and what can wait. My team is skilled in prioritizing client issues and concerns, escalating to me when necessary. Regular communication with our explorers is also critical to our operational success.
Data has always been an area of interest for me. My last two startups focused on small businesses and data, and at my previous company, I was intrigued about the potential. Consulting with my mentors, a number of them mentioned the challenges and opportunities of small business data in emerging markets. I immediately saw the value in creating a service that curates and validates data from small businesses in emerging markets and provides that information to larger companies.

Visit Brief website for the full transcript

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