Case Study: High Impact Data Verification in Emerging Markets

What do you do when you need first-hand information from hard-to-reach places? When a large mapping company needed data on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCSs) in Mexico City, direct from the source, dataPlor gathered the necessary insights quickly with zero error.

 Mexico City EVCS captured by dataPlor

Mexico City EVCS captured by dataPlor

High-Impact Data verification

For a mapping and GPS company, the accuracy of location information dictates product quality. This is especially true when it comes to charging stations. The negative impact of sending a driver in need of a charge to the wrong location presents huge risk. Wrong data means you’ve got a customer who just ran out of charge in the middle of their drive, potentially in dangerous places. Good luck retaining their trust after that!

While the mapping company had some location data for EVCSs in Mexico City, they had no appetite for error and desired first-hand data verification. This use case is considered a high-impact data verification. The risk of having incorrect data is too high for any acceptable margin of error.

dataPlor’s network of boots on the ground data contributors ,called Explorers, provided the onsite location validation necessary to ensure the highest quality data on EVCS location.


dataPlor provided an up to date, human-verified and fully accurate data set validating the client’s EVCSs. dataPlor’s Explorers located additional EVCSs previously unknown to the mapping company, increasing their data set by 8%. They also augmented 100% of the records by gathering additional attributes on each charging location, including number of charging stations, cost per charge, type of charger, and photos of each charger.  Ultimately the mapping company received an accurate location data set that provided additional benefits to their customers.

By combining photo evidence with on-the-spot geo-tagging, dataPlor provides premium location and places information. When it comes to high impact data, companies seeking the most reliable emerging market information trust dataPlor to get it for them.